Dec 21, 2021 • 2HR 12M

The Galactic Talk host Taino discusses Universal truths~!

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The Galactic Talk host Taino discusses Universal truths~!

Not your typical show, The Galactic Talk will have thought-provoking themes with star speakers in order to share key info to the People through Galactic Activities, Tierra Mysteries, Histoire Occulte, Cósmica Tecnología.

I'm your host Taino El, a Galactic Adventurer, a Cosmic Muur, an Ancient Lemurian & an Engineer.

Before coming to the Tierra's realm in 1980, My Light Self has been voyaging to various Star Systems. My learning experiences throughout the galaxies serve as anchored points to allow me of staying inter-connected with the galactic realm while being on Tierra.

Being a Paleo-American Indigenous Natural Person and once an Ancient Lemurian in one of my past lives, I'm expressing the ​devotion to share the fusion of the the Ancients Ones' cosmic libraries with the Galactic Realms to the People.

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