MANHATTAN, NEW YORK GRAND JURY INDICTS PRESIDENT TRUMP!Watch now (68 min) | Black hole bigger than most galaxies has been found! It was sharing space in the hearts of Soros, Obama, Clintons etc. If we fight…
Investigate Roseanne Boyland's murder pleas J6 political prisoner! Watch now (68 min) | Go to we are good men dot com for all J6 links & support. I would organize a peaceful rally like they did for #FreeAssange!
Elon Musk to the Clowns at CNN: "shut the f**k up"!Watch now (67 min) | Ava Aston - WE THE PEOPLE "Lyric Video" #FDNY #rally #WalkAway Official lyric video for "We The People" by Ava Aston
"I know I can reach you when I pray" God is always with you throughout your day! Watch now (68 min) | End times friends, we pray satan away, or he wins the day, taking our say, then we no longer stay...
OMG James O'Keefe exposes Democrat DONATION HARVESTING using ILLEGAL DROPS! Watch now (67 min) | Local action vs corruption will win our votes back!
"God's Gonna Cut You Down" You can run on for a long timeWatch now (67 min) | Sooner or later God'll cut you down
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Biden blocked expert witnesses as senator that allowed the Iraq War!Watch now (77 min) | That war was based on lies as ALL wars are WE DEMAND PEACE!
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